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“What can we say? Rachael is talented, organised, professional, creative, responsive and fun to work with. She’s an integral part of our team and brings an infectious enthusiasm and energy with her. And what’s more she knows her stuff, delivers results and is analytical in her approach, taking our marketing and PR to a new level."- Paul Carr Curiousa & Curiousa 

It has been such a pleasure working with Rachael. We met at one of her press evening and I instantly knew that she was the right person to represent my brand. She was so knowledgable and passionate about the labels she was showcasing and I feel like she has been the same way with my brand. Rachel has achieved some great press and brand exposure for me and I trust that she will continue to do so. - Malaika Carr CHALK Jewellery

"It's been great working with Rachael as she is very well connected and got me some great press. I love the flexible structure to her business and her style of writing which is to the point with just the right amount of creativity, I like the way she writes press releases that are clear and concise. She has a brilliant business structure for small companies who don't have a tons of products to be pushing all the time". - Helen Wilson - Witch & Watchman

"I have been working with Rachael since I launched my brand in 2013 and she has been and continues to be a real pleasure to work with. I trust her implicitly to represent my brand and the press she has achieved continues to grow from strength to strength. While working together she has always put every effort into building a great relationship with me as a client and I have had some wonderful feedback from industry friends of the amazing job she is doing". - Lily Kamper, Lily Kamper Jewellery. 

"We are so pleased that our friends at Curiousa & Curiousa recommended Rachael to us - she is a pleasure to work with. Rachel is extremely well connected and her approach to her work is perfect for us. She is great at translating just what we want to achieve into targeted and highly effective mailouts, which has bought Blackpop many exciting results". - Paula Moss, Blackpop

'I invited Rachael to give a talk at The RCA Jewellery Department, the knowledge she shared was very insightful and the students were able to take a lot of in depth Information away with them, I am very happy to have invited her  and would love to see her again next year”!  Birgit Schmidt – Royal College of Art

"We Couldn't recommend the lovely Rachael at Fisher's PR enough. Not only is she a dream to work with but she cares passionately about the brands she works with and has cleverly curated an amazing brand mix in her own beautiful aesthetic. She has worked with us on targeting the right key press contacts that are totally relevant for Uncivilised rather than sending out blanket mail-outs and she really understands our market. - Lisa Sharma, Uncivilised. 

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